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Monday, May 9, 2011

Too late smart

A milestone in nuclear history today: A utility in Japan is admitting that one of its plants is unsafe because of where it is located, and shutting it down at the request of the government. It's a nice gesture, but with tons of nuclear waste stored on site, no one should be sleeping too soundly over it.

Meanwhile, there was quite a bit of steam or smoke spotted coming off the trashed reactors at Fukushima on Saturday morning our time. That should be blowing over us today. And if you're buying cinder blocks at any time in the next few years, you might want to buy a Geiger counter to go with them.

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Over a year I'd noticed surplus CD Geiger Counters were being dumped on eBay for bargain prices. I'll bet they're hard to find now.

Hamaoka Nuclear Plant is the one I alluded to a week or more ago in a post where my friend, and all Japanese and Tokyo residents were very concerned about. They are downwind from the reactor. He'll be very happy to hear the news when he wakes up this morning.

Many believe the 30 year "happenen" time frame makes it more likely to happen soon. He lives about 75 miles from the reactor and with Japan's sophisticated warning system that gives them about 60 to 80 seconds of warning time and a little longer in central Tokyo. That helps to get your pants on, but nothing to stop the radiation.

That helps to get your pants on, but nothing to stop the radiation.

Lead-bismuth pants, then?

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