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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Scone still wants it

Another good friend of West Hills real estate money is hoping to make a comeback as mayor. Remember when this guy was on the aerial tram board?

Then there’s using the transportation infrastructure to create jobs. That means light rail; it means the tram, which my opponent opposes. OHSU is paying 85 percent of the cost. Transportation investments produce jobs.
At which point, Tom Potter cleaned his clock.

The Scone's making some calls to discuss a mayoral campaign. You have to wonder whether he spoke directly with Neil, or only with the go-between. And is Tom Moyer's secretary still feeling flush these days?

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Too harsh. He went for the campaign finance money where it was. He used to be a community organizer. The worst thing about Francesconi is that he was a bad politician: he actually said what he was thinking.

No, he was a shill who brought us South Waterfront and anything else Homer Williams and Neil Goldschmidt told him they wanted.

We're running out of people to retread. Anything to avoid getting some new blood into Oregon politics. They are going to have to resusitate Asa Lovejoy before long.

"He actually said what he was thinking"? That's scary. So you mean he really thought the aerial tram would be our Eiffel Tower?
Why stop there? By now, I bet the People of Paris are saying, "We consider this Eiffel Tower to be our aerial tram."

Thanks Jack for your memory of Scone's famous quotes and votes. They are almost endless, and they certainly mounted up in South Waterfront, and a sad culmination of what deep-down the Scone represents. We need history lessons that demonstrates how these political trial balloons are scary.

Of course, Jim could have a new pitch, and I'm sure Kari and Blue Oregon will think of something. We would have to consider that he'd be better than Sam, if he runs again. But we need an honest, new mindset at City Hall.

Haven't we learned anything these past few years? Hopefully it is becoming clearer to more people that we no longer can afford to have the same old kind of political types making decisions.

The American people need to step up and take charge for their own interests. We no longer can afford on the national or local level to continue on as usual.

Jim went from Parks commissioner on Council, to representing Warner Pacific as their attorney a couple months after leaving office, to complete the "secret deal" to sell Mt Tabor Central Maintenance Yard for $2 million represents what Jim is about.

Now he is down in Salem doing the same for Higher Ed.

You will get more of the same if you vote for him. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.


More on the deal. Don't think Mt. Tabor will want the Scone.

It appears that the Park Bureau has already spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on due diligence toward this sale, which has apparently involved reducing the assessed value of some of the land in question—one piece had its value reassessed from $396,000 in 2005 to $18,000 in 2006. This reassessment—no matter the intent—would lower the selling price of this prime public real estate. Documents reveal that former city commissioner Jim Francesconi has provided legal representation to Warner Pacific for this sale. As parks commissioner, Francesconi appointed Park Bureau director Santner to the position she now holds. Members of the board of the MTNA were appalled to learn that Park Bureau and Warner Pacific representatives
had used our public forum to hide the intended sale from the community.

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