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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thankin' the Lord for her fingers

A friend writes:

At Paul Simon's concert in Toronto last week, a fan requested "Duncan," saying that she'd learned to play guitar with that song. And so he invited her up to play it.

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Wow! Truly awesome Paul Simon.

Can you imagine? That would be so cool....and she did it. That is awesome.

Now THAT is a cheap way out of getting out of having to perform your entire act ...

kidding, just kidding.

I've been loving this song called, "Getting Ready For Christmas Day" on Paul Simon's new album. It's old school with modern production twists plus a sermon mixed in that I believe is from the 1940s. Very original and beautiful. You can see the official video on YouTube.

Here's one of the verses:

"I got a nephew in Iraq it's his third time back
But it's ending up the way it began
With the luck of a beginner he'll be eating turkey dinner
On some mountain top in Pakistan"

It's brilliant.

That is *awesome*.

Definitely not a plant. I believe that is called "empowerment".

I would have had a hard time just hopping up on stage. Forget about strummin a guitar.

Good for her: all that practice paid off.

One of the many reasons I love Paul Simon! The expressions on the young Reyna's (sp?) face were delightful.

Pretty much one of the coolest things I've seen!

Props to Paul Simon...and congrats to the young lady for having the confidence to get up on stage with one of her idols and perform! This proves just how classy a performer Paul Simon is! Its all about the music and the fans.

I like the description of baptism in the Holy spirit: "Here comes something and it feels so good...and just like a dog,I was befriended...."

So real and utterly apart from dogma.

Oh, man...


I sent the link to my daughter at U of O and she GOT IT. Although she saw it as she and Dave...

Matthews, that is.

ps: Bill, we agree!

...still, I miss Arthur.

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