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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tacoma never looked so good

Dennis Kucinich is reportedly shopping for a new place to fake-live in -- kind of like Ron Wyden in Portland. Since he's losing his job to redistricting, he's said to be looking at carpetbagging into Washington State. Hey, what about Portland? If Earl the Pearl runs for mayor, Kucinich would carry on our great tradition of weirdness -- he might even take it to the next level.

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Just because the guy makes sense is no reason to pick on him. Besides, he can give Pawlenty a real contest over who has the hot wife.

And he'd have build in media support.

Thanks for sending over a 100 readers to the Mountain News to read our post about Dennis Kucinich and his possible congressional bid from a to-be-formed district in Washington. http://themountainnewswa.net/2011/05/02/congressman-dennis-kucinich-holds-fundraiser-in-tacoma/

This story will be a fascinating one to behold as it unfolds. A 1,000 people came to his rally in Olympia last month, and 65 showed up in Tacoma at a meet-and-greet to fork over money to his campaign.

In addition, I think calling Dennis a carpet bagger is a bit extreme. Something like half the folks who live in WA come from someplace else, and I remember vividly sitting around a conference table at work a few years ago and of the 20 assembled professionals only one was born in WA.

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