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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The Indy 500 is just days away, and all over Portland, kids are getting psyched.

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The real HO slot craze in pdx seemed to have peaked in the mid-late 60's. Best spot in town was "Hutchins" located across Hawthorne Blvd from the Bagdad Theater. 25 cents for all the HO racing you wanted to do.

And to think that it should be a shock that P.I.R. is still open.

However, since the Indy cars don't come to Portland anymore, hardly anyone notices, except for the residents of the newly gentrified houses to the south that think that since they moved in, they have the right to shut down a race track that is older than they are.

And some of us older "duffer drivers" enjoy running our ridculous high octane street sports cars on the PIR track under the supervision of the pro drivers there. It is pricey (like your chocolate, Jack), but you only live once! What a thrill! One of my friends actually popped the roll bar out on his SL recently.


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