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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

S#*t his son writes

We just finished Justin Halpern's hysterical, true-life book, "S#*t My Dad Says." It reminded us of our own dear old dad, God rest him, who used to crack a good one every now and then himself. Now that we're done with the book, which started as a Twitter feed, we thought we'd check out young Halpern's slightly NSFW website, which isn't about his father. It's pretty good, too. A sample:

I can understand if your dog is attacking other dogs or people, but aside from that, remember this; we’re the ones who decided to own them. They’re not like babies. You didn’t get drunk one night and have sex with a woman and the next morning she’s like "I think you’re getting a dog." So, if we’re the ones choosing to have them, then we shouldn’t get to completely cramp their freakin’ style. If they want to eat poop, let them eat poop. Sure it’s gross, but I’m sure you’ve let someone you know eat Arby’s before, and you didn’t knock their roast beef sandwich out of their hand and go "NO! Nooooooo."

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And my I recommend the book "Hot Sh#t!"
Great read all about the industry of fertilizer and the ultimate victory for small farmers.

Halpern invented it. It's frequently been called "Sh*t I Made Up About What My Dad Says".

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