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Friday, May 6, 2011

Seattle stops phone book garbage

When it comes to being conscious of the environment, and taking an easy step that the majority of residents want, the Emerald City is way ahead of its sister to the south. Now the phone book publishers will sue -- sometimes you have to get sued to do the right thing -- and we hope they lose, lose, lose.

Meanwhile, what's happened to the opt-in bill down in Salem? Don't tell me -- it died in the Senate. But hey, we adopted the Code of the West -- what more do you want?

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Another tax, 14 cents per phone book. More government administration to collect the tax and log the opt-out callers. So there. It's fixed.

Another tax to create more jobs, I think.

It's actually hilarious to see Oregon and Portland lawmakers tripping over themselves trying to fix what's not broke and create high-visibility solutions, while our neighbors (especially in Seattle) are focusing on more common-sense measures that the public actually would appreciate.

Then again, Seattle gets nearly 90% of their power from hydroelectric, virtually no coal, and just tiny amounts of natural gas and nuclear power.

Portland? The majority of our power generation is coal and natural gas, while the electrons from Bonneville Dam are purchased by other electric companies.

Funny! Here in the Reno area they don't deliver any telephone books at all unless you are getting new service installed by AT&T or one of the other providers.
If you do want one of those relics, you can usually find them in a rack at the local supermarkets along with the free real estate and Nickel Ad papers...

Because Oregon is run by idiots.

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