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Monday, May 2, 2011

School tax shenanigans in Eugene even worse than Portland

This is bad, but this is criminal. Somebody down there ought to go to a judge and ask to have the whole election thrown out.

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Shenanigans? Or simply not having basic math skills?

According to the newspaper article, “The statement also said a single taxpayer with $70,000 in Oregon taxable income would pay $571. But in reality, the tax would be $846”.

“The statement also mistakenly said a couple with Oregon taxable income of $70,000 filing jointly would pay an income tax of $529. Actually the tax would be four dollars less, $525”.

Single-filer rates: $37,501 and above, 1.20 percent

Joint filer rates: $50,001-$75,000, 0.75 percent

It would appear to me that a single taxpayer with $70,000 in Oregon taxable income would pay $840 ($70,000 x .012 = $840). That is six dollars less than the $846 amount deemed correct per the story. It looks like the newspaper article got it wrong, too.

Somebody check my math...

That's the shenanigans? How about the 30% administrative costs, which is more than the percentage going to Bethel School District, the smaller of the two districts? Or because the City of Eugene has no experience with collecting an income tax, they're going to outsource it to... Portland!

But wait! there's more -- the newly hired Eugene School District superintendent is getting a $35K raise to $180,000 + COLA + 5% annual raises + the usual contract extras. And since it's so unfair for outgoing superintendent Russell to be underpaid compared to the new guy, the Eugene school board is giving Russell the $35k difference too, which may bump up his PERS payout. That payment goes to his tax sheltered annuity.

Andrew, what's the severance package on top of all this? Does the new Super get a car and housing too? And does Russell keep his car, and is hired back by the District for a year on top of his retirement package.

Why does this type of "out the door" and "new-hireress" syndrome keep happening when the taxpayers are so sensitive about all the public employee benefits, especially in the administrative end? Where's our State Legislature that could do something about all these benefits beyond the common man's normal compensation?

Thanks for noticing up there. Say can you guys with more clout get the Governor to weigh in on what we all see as shenanigans in Eugene?

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