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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rimai in Cincy: liked, but not well liked

The new money VP at Remax Portland State apparently riled up quite a few people in Cincinnati in her brief time as a honcho at the university there. Among the disgruntled were the jocks when she got in the middle of firing the basketball coach. They even accused her of practicing law in Ohio without a license (which she later got). It's also revealed in one of the stories about that flap that she had once before applied, unsuccessfully, for the gig she just landed in Portlandia.

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Huggins wasn't quite to the Tarkanian/BarrySwitzer level, but I don't think you'd call any of his players academic All-Americans ever. Then again, maybe she fits in PSU for that reason.

Maybe if they focused on quality rather than quantity, they might get a better reputation for the graduates. Be nice if they could get someone running PSU who didn't think he was genius property developer.

BTW - Love the REMAX/PSU moniker.

Why do we have to bring in people from outside when we have people here who are capable and in my opinion would be more likely to do what is right for the community.
There are exceptions of course, Leonard who is local, has turned to not acting in the best public interest.

I agree. They have to boost their quality of education.

A friend of mine's kid is considering graduate school for education and reviewed work done by students at PSU (to compare to UofO) and said the writing was poor and replete with errors ... and this was supposed to be their showpiece work.

The Dumbing Down of America!

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