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Monday, May 16, 2011

Point blank

Another day, another gang killing in Portland. We have got to be on track to have a record year in that department.

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Punch this intersection into Google Maps, click on the street image, and take a digital tour of the intersection. Gotta love the cast of characters there in mid-day. Probably even more sketch at midnight.

My old neighborhood. Lived on Hodge. The best time I spent in the area was when Columbia Villa was shut down.

Had kids w/guns try to get in my house, and a knifed guy get picked up in my neighbor's bushes, had the cops run dogs thru my backyard.

After Katrina had a pimp working whores at the corner of Hodge and Fessenden. My neighbors told me that it was nothing like the bad old days.

I'm 55 and the black racism in the neighborhood was always there, especially visible in the preschooler's eyes. At least once a week I had to brace my self for a collision on the sidewalk because I wouldn't step out of the way for groups of "youth."

I also knew some good folk and when I could took the kids out on Gorge hikes.

When the most important story in town is teenage homicide. Why would the big O lead today with Sam and his announcement about bikes?

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