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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Please, any place but there

They had a 3.3 earthquake a few hours ago, right at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south central Washington. This is one of the worst nuclear waste dumps in the world, if not the worst, and seismic activity is the last thing one would want to see up there.

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And it was foundation deep as well. Double yikes!

The Cascadia fault may deliver our economic (who knows what else) demise.

It's hard to imgine how our weakened country (and global economy) could respond to the kind of historial calamity experts say a major Cascadia Fault and Tsunami is cappable of.
Potential scenarios are off the charts horrific on a magnitude modern man has never come close to facing.

Oh well. There's not much we can do about it.

But we could prevent other horrific events like Milwaukie Light Rail.

I'm more worried about the impact of a super earthquake taking out one Columbia River dam and causing a chain-reaction of downriver dam failures. The end result would be a tsunami-like wave hitting smack right on downtown Portland, as well as taking out Portland International Airport, downtown Vancouver, all of our harbor, and all of the downriver communities all the way to Astoria.

Statistically speaking, more people have died from dam failures than nuclear reactor meltdowns (however, you gotta give the Chinese credit in building a megadam right above a major city.)


Doesn't this look too shallow and far away from the identified fault lines? Did something happen at Hanford?

USGS just posted another shallow quake at Hanford in the past hour.

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