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Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul Allen fires another one

An unexpected hot news day for Blazer fans: Owner Paul Allen fired Rich Cho, the team's general manager. Team president Larry Miller just finished a press conference in which he exhibited some pretty seriously closed body language, and now they're holding an emergency session of "Talkin' Ball" on cable TV. Dwight's got a baby blue crew-neck sweater on that's worth tuning in just to see.

But anyway, if I ever start talking about going to work for Paul Allen, have me committed.

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Well, this should be fun. After being turned down by literally everyone BUT Rich Cho last year, they turn around and fire him 10 months later. It will be truly amusing to see who winds up taking this job.

Jerry West is lined up for the, ooops sorry. He just signed up with Golden State...

I'm not sure who is the sicker person in this town: Paul Allen or Sam Adams.

Something else is going on here.

Big Picture: We are living on a planet where what happens to us increasingly comes down to the whims of billionaires.

OK, Pritchard wan't smart enough for Paul, Cho had "personality" conflicts.

I nominate the one guy who is smart enough and likable enough - David Kahn.

Allen suffers from rich guy syndrome - He just can't make mistakes.

Maybe the next GM can figure how to get Darius Miles back on payroll.

"who is the sicker person"

I nominate all the lackies in both organizations that defend both of these no-talents. Adams/Allen still both think they're right - The lackies are at least sober.

Steve: "I nominate the one guy who is smart enough and likable enough - David Kahn."

Obviously, you're either kidding or you don't know him. Actually, even if you don't, his abrasive, egotisical style is already legend in the NBA. I guess you're kidding?

Why not Kahn? Both he and Allen think they're smarter than each other and Bill Gates. It'd be a match.

Unfortnately, I think we're at the tear down stage with the Blazers - Kind of like the Sonics/hunder right before they drafted Durant. I'm just hoping we don't end up like the Warriors/Raptors/Clippers/Bucks/etc/

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