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Monday, May 16, 2011

Parks falling apart? Fire a few planners and fix them.

That apparently is the decision that's been made in San Diego.

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Hmmm, when the budget is tight it doesn't make sense to employ a bajillion planners drawing up expensive new plans for every corner of a city that can't even maintain what it already has.

What a shocking conclusion!


While browsing the site I noticed a pop up ad for fine neckwae detailing city planning maps fo the most advanced planning entities on the planet.

Strangely, PDX doesn't make the grade.


Somebody better tell Eric and Sam that we aren't (b)leading edge in the eyes of the world. We aren't even on the map. Or the tie.

Sounds like people down there still possess their brains.

Expecting Portland to get rid of its metastasizing colony of planners and do something? That's just crazy talk.

If only..... planners were cut and money was saved for better and more basic uses.

I am for some planning, or planning for a future, but not at the expense of taking our attention away from our current critical matters.

I don't see that what we have here is a moderate kind of planning, I see that planning has turned into a "control" bureau with way more control than actual needed planning.

clinamen, what we have here is planning gone berserk, where the needs of some hypothetical new resident 20 years from now are literally viewed as more important than the people here now paying property taxes.

Good way of putting it.
The "millions" more coming routine has been used on us, and we pay for it, with our money and our quality of life here.

In my view, not anything to do with "millions" coming, but the routine works well for the agenda and those who profit by it.

In the late 1980's San Diego's planning department was folded into the Development Services Department. Apparently they became independent and are now being absorbed yet again.

It's all a bunch of bureaucratic reshuffling. I'm sure no one's getting fired, except maybe the Planning Department upper management, who have probably displeased their political masters.

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