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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NBA Finals shaping up as Dallas at Miami

Mavericks fans are learning to speak German.

As we predicted before the pro basketball playoffs began, the Miami Heat is about to become Eastern Conference champion, as the Big Three have done as expected and revved it up in the post-season, with great help from their role players. They lead Chicago 3 games to 1 after a big overtime win in Florida last night. Can the Bulls take three in a row? No. They've met their match.

Out in the West, where we foolishly said the Blazers were going all the way, the Dallas Mavericks try tonight to close out the Oklahoma City Thunder, in another 3-1 series. Dirk Nowitzki is playing out of his mind, and with Jason Kidd's newfound long jumpshot and Shawn Marion's clawing defense and constant energy, the Dirkster's given the kids in Oklahoma more than they can handle. Can the Thunder win three games straight, including two in Dallas? Nuh uh.

The league finals, in which I believe Miami will have the home-court advantage, should be a slugfest. Miami has more weapons and should take home the trophy, but it will surely be entertaining to see Dirk at work with the title on the line.

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2006 all over again. Oh boy.

I'm not so sure about crowning Miami. Dallas has answered all the questions that made us think they might lose to the Blazers, that they *would* lose to the Lakers, and that Durant/Westbrook would be too much for them.

I predict a very entertaining Finals.

Dallas handily beat Miami both times in the regular season--because Miami lacks the "weapons" to handle a balanced team (that includes Caron Butler and Jason Kidd). Dallas in 6. Guaranteed. So far, I'm 3 for 3.

And I don't know about entertaining. Unless the Mavericks suddenly act like the whiny-butt Lakers, they are not going to lose the Finals.

Re the picture of the "Dallas" cast:

Charlene Tilton...mmmmmm.

These have been great series. DVR'd them all so I would miss them.

Great ball, stars, action and highlights.

The finals should be spectacular.

Any prediction based on Miami's regular season performance is suspect. It's a different club now.

It's tough to be so negative about the Blazers knowing they played decently against Dallas, at least compared to the other playoff teams Dallas has played so far.

There's hope, at least.

Mavs win game 5 100-96 to advance to the NBA finals.

Great game.

I especillay love the very quick penetrations by several very goog players in both series.

And one-legged Dirk is in a league of his own. What can't he do?

It's a tough call for who wins the finals.

Here's one of the main reasons I've predicted that Dallas pounds the Heat for the championship:

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