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Thursday, May 19, 2011

More thumbs down for "close to perfect" 911 computer

Despite protestations from Portland commissioner Amanda Fritz, the city's expensive new 911 dispatch computer continues to be panned by users, today in the O. But of course, you read it here first a couple of weeks ago.

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My two thoughts here are: first, it's natural in any large computer shift for users to complain. No matter how inefficient or faulty the previous system was, they were used to it, and knew how to work around those faults to get what they needed. Now the new system is highly efficient, but not yet customized to give them what they want. That said, a better beta testing period would have resolved much of this.

Second, it really shows the need to move away from this absurd system of having the elected officials serve as the head of the bureaus. I'd much prefer having experienced professionals sitting at the head, and the city councilors representing distinct areas of the city instead of distinct bureaus.

It goes way beyond the users getting used to a new system. Spend some time with the officers in the field and you will see that the system is terribely flawed. It's too bad the Commissioner in charge will not admit the error and fire the people that made the decesion to spend $14M on a system that has not been used by anyone. The contractor has done one for fire, one for police and ond for EMT but not all three at the same time.

So instead of demonizing Chief Johnson and Ms Borwning she should be looking ar her staff.

"I'd much prefer having experienced professionals sitting at the head"

Good then whose going to appoint these people. We'll get an ex-HR person running PWB with no experience because he rolls over for Randy?

Better yet, privatize them.

Oh yes, and it just gets better.

The media banned from the room: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2011/05/boec_user_board_examining_prob.html

Don't forget Skateboard Tom running the Department of Transportation.

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