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Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybe they should stop playing the 1812 Overture

Despite the recent addition of classical music, you still take your life in your hands when you get near a MAX light rail station in Portland.

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Maybe if City Hall stopped using Sousa's "Liberty Bell March" as its soundtrack...

"the price to equip each platform is about $3,600"

Somebody's getting taken for a ride...

I suppose it adds a little class to a MAX station, but like anybody's going to be distracted by Mozart or Tchaikovskii? Most people have earbuds stuffed in their ears anyways.

Sounds like another waste of money i.e, dumb idea from problem solvers who live in a bubble.

Our neighborhood went downhill
after being annexed into the city.
There are good folks and nice homes here,
but being overtaken by city policies and
rezoning that allow housing developments
that don't fit in with our neighborhoods.

The light rail has brought crime into areas,
people I know won't go on that train.

$3,600? Seriously?

I bet equipment costs are maybe $500...MAYBE $500...and labor is $3,100.

It does not take much to wire up an iPod or other small MP3 device to a few external speakers. Since most of the eastside MAX stations already have suitable enclosures that are already vandal resistant this equipment could be stored in there, so it's just a matter of running some speaker cable in an existing conduit and a few speakers. I'm sure that a couple of inmates on community service detail could have done the job for next to nothing...

This is my old neighborhood growing up , and sad to see this , when we had troubles we used our fists , guns were for hunting. It was un-manly to use a weapon.

Just dug up an old clip of our hero Jack Bogdanski:

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