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Friday, May 20, 2011

L.O. budget panel: "Stop the streetcar insanity"

A couple of different readers have alerted us to the humorous news that the Lake Oswego citizen budget advisory committee voted last night to recommend that the city stop spending money studying the proposed Portland streetcar boondoggle. Like all advisory committee recommendations with which the politicians (here, a slim majority of the City Council) disagree, it will be reversed, of course, and L.O. will go full steam ahead for the latest Homerscam. But in a few years, when the hundreds of millions have been spent and all the city got was some lousy condos, the public down there can't say they weren't warned.

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Everyone seems to be missig this story though:

Lake Oswego raises utility fees to help raise funds for schools - http://www.oregonlive.com/lake-oswego/index.ssf/2011/05/lake_oswego_raises_utility_fees_to_help_raise_funds_for_schools.html

Hopefully PPS won't read this and get an idea of how to overcome the bond vote loss/

This will be given as much weight as Randy gives PURB regarding water rates.

After all, we're just citizens, we really don't know anything - Just keep sending those checks..

If polite politics won't work, it may be time to up the ante. The political class live and work among us: civility is a courtesy, not a requirement, of democratic expression.

The Wisconsin example comes to mind.

L.O. hurriedly wants to be part of Portland, Gresham, HillsBurrito and soon Milwaukee, by begging the little pistol packing gang bangers to their wonderful historic city for good time fun and relaxation.

Who is lead consultant on this project?
tri-met's duplicity in the case of the milwaukie line causes me to question any project that david evans associates consults on.
I agree that some wisconsin style agitation is called for. Support the rank-and file, but let's stick it to top-heavy, self serving management, and cozy, overpaid consultants.

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