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Thursday, May 26, 2011

LaVonne wants power

Specifically, Portland's city auditor wants to be able to hire and fire some of the people on her staff at will -- take away their existing civil service protection. But we're not talking about the little people -- she wants the city ombudsman, the manager of the police review board, and the director of audit services among those serving at her pleasure.

For an office that's supposed to be utterly scrupulous and above politics, that's a bad move indeed. It didn't take Ms. Griffin-Valade to take after her friends on the City Council. At last report, the change was to be made on the "consent agenda" of yesterday's council meeting; no doubt it glided right through.

Comments (2)

WOW , does anyone at City Hall own a dictionary. Ombudsman , try it out. My godd if your job is under the thumb of the Auditor , you are never gonna do any Ombudsmaning !
At this point we should just eliminate
the position and save a few bucks.

Save the twins a lot of trouble, they only have to make it hard for one auditor. However, since the one auditor hasn't changed one thing yet (reports are just the standard thing the twins ignore) in CoP, they don't even have to do that.

What else would you expect? Her husband (I think) is an I Live Here groupie/pod person.

BTW, how many guys have a hyphenated name?

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