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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a post before I go

A Vancouver, B.C. blogger times his last entry to come just after his last breath. [Via the O.]

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Wow. He wasn't even covering his bets at the end. So much for "no atheists in a foxhole"...

On a separate note, it's been three weeks since I mailed my check to the Oregon Department of Revenue (4/15/2011) and it still hasn't been cashed. I waited on hold for 17 minutes to learn why, and the very friendly rep said they are "running behind schedule" due to inadequate capacity of the machines that process the envelopes/checks. He suggested I wait another two weeks before calling back.

Is it unreasonable to think the Department of Revenue could process a check from 1/3 of all Oregonians in less than five weeks?

Heaven forbid if they need to distribute iodine tablets across the whole state: it could take months.

Yup. It's an amazing post, from by all accounts an incredible guy. Saw it via Lockergnome early this morning. I've seen some of his prior posts - like why double-spacing after the end of a sentence is an over-used artifact of the monospace typewriter days. Those were good times.

His daughters no longer have a very cool dad in their lives.
He will be missed.


I just realized how tacky the tax comment is in this thread. Please remove, Jack.

Beautiful. I have never heard of Derek Miller before. A few years ago I heard Timothy Noah (NPR/Slate) read an essay his late wife Marjorie Williams had written when she was dying from liver cancer. It's in a volume called Woman at the Washington Zoo and, like Derek Miller's, is unforgettable.

Much more profound reading than another word about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Amen. Long you live, high you fly.

For many years I looked forward to reading a monthly editorial from an accomplished scientist, a skilled writer, and an all around mensch.

The title of his last editorial, in the usual 24-point font was:

"By the time you read this I will be dead."


Thank you, Jack, for sharing a new point and rekindling my memories of another.

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