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Friday, May 13, 2011

Japanese nuke cover-up -- literally

Tokyo Electric has announced that it is planning to cover the melted-down Fukushima nuclear reactors with plastic tents -- supposedly to contain radiation, but just as likely to prevent the world from seeing what they look like as they gradually implode. Nuclear engineers have apparently already designed one prototype, which the Japanese government is reportedly reviewing for fast-track regulatory approval.

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It's the main move in the science of spinning: Greet the initial bad news with a shower of B.S., then later as the truth comes out and someone has the temerity to mention how wrong you were, you transition to the secondary move. That's where you chastise the critics for living in the past. You admit that mistakes were made, but it's not time to play the blame game - it's time to look to the future.

When this event began back in March, we had a little army of self-righteous nuclear industry types, pontificating about advancements in reactor design. Any discussion of a meltdown leaving the containment area was attacked, aided by the corporate and government lies about what was really occurring.

We're now in that time where these same sources admit that this situation was a lot worse than they let on and continues to deteriorate. The meltdown part has been confirmed and the smug army of pro-nuclear pawns lies silent - wallowing in the mud of their own B.S.

Still, the industry has been spared. Halliburton never really got hurt by the BP spill, and General Electric has avoided that initial anger here. Why? You know why - because they bring good things to life. Meanwhile, bringing this up is considered obnoxious by many - why point out who was right and who was wrong now? It doesn't help. Mistakes were made. Let's look to the future.

Maybe that's a huge part of the problem. It's not the reactors, or 9/11, or Iraq. It's the spin machine that negates useful, constructive outrage, and allows the Beast to continue on.

So I'm going to add my new motto here as a way to prove that I'm being helpful and not merely reminding everyone how full of it the pro-nuclear types were on this. Okay? Here it comes. It's simple and it's direct:

If you can't shut it down, then don't start it up. That goes for lots of things. If you can't turn it off, then don't turn it on.

Well said Bill! I will remember your new motto. It should be headlines around the world.

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