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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Japan nuke mess hits Hawaiian dairies

Here's sad news: Some Hawaiian dairy farmers say they're feeding boron to their cattle to try to counteract the radioactive fallout in the grass they eat. This after Hawaiian milk has tested way over the acceptable levels for radionuclides. Safe, clean nuclear power -- it's so wonderful.

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That is sad. Shhh but don't tell the MSM!

Relax. The cows are receiving no more radiation than they would get from flying cross country on a commercial airliner.

Maybe, but these cows already get a lot of dental X-rays!

Prob a few years of daily airline miles.

But keep in mind the difference between radiation waves and radioactive particles.

The dental x ray and the airline is an exposure to the waves, not good but avoidable.

The cows are eating particles that create the waves, and some of those particles are excreted in the milk. and when the milk is drank those particles enter the body and irradiate the body from inside. Iodine was one of the first particles detected (in japan). The nice thing is it decays rather quickly. The bad thing is the body collects and stores iodine in the thyroid, concentrating the effect.

What we are not being told, is what the radiation source element is in Hawaii, or for that matter, around the site and what is being dumped into the ocean! For those that understand the science, it makes a huge difference in where it will go, how long it will last and how powerful it is.

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