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Monday, May 2, 2011

Japan admits hiding radiation data from public

But they'll never do it again.


Wonder what other bad news will be released today, in hopes of it getting lost in the bin Laden shuffle.

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...and, of course, no plutonium data at all. We know it is in there. It is hard to believe it isn't being measured, but no data. Hmmm....

I'd bet this poor woman inhaled some of it.

I had a long conversation with my long-time friend in Tokyo last night. He said the Japanese public is totally disgusted with the government as well as TEP. They have little trust left in the handling of the nuclear issue.

An even more discerning, recent issue is the projection of an equal or larger earthquake about 70 miles southwest of Tokyo in the more populous area of Nagoya to Hamamatsu. What's even worse is that there is another nuclear reactor complex that is even more perilous than Fukushima next to the Pacific in this area. The public is clamoring for the government to turn it off and protect it as well as they can, but the government has refused. If that complex failed they know that Tokyo is toast, being downwind of the area. So far there has been only minute increases in radiation detection from Fukushima in the Tokyo area.

He said that miraculously the people of Japan are still being stoic and resolute. And the Japanese are very thankful that over 80 countries have contributed in helping Japan recover. They are very honored by the help because they have always had a complex that many countries didn't particularly like Japan.

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