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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's official: another City of Portland computer fiasco

You read about issues with the new 911 computer system on this blog last week. Now the Trib picks the story up, noting even more problems.

Ya gotta love the city's excuse for not simply updating its old emergency dispatch system at a small fraction of the cost: "A patch would have lasted only a couple of years." Hey, people, these are computers -- nothing lasts more than a couple of years.

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Maybe we should migrate the whole system over to Twitter. Sam and Randy seem to have an army of staff who are experts in that cutting edge operating system.

Unreasonable and unsustainable waste seems to be the modus operandi around here, at least that seems to be the observed end result, over, and over, and over again.

One has to wonder if funds for the project weren't skimmed off for something else.

Doesn't this trouble anyone that CoP has such problems with computers (PWB, 911, payroll, etc.) not counting the social media crap?

Maybe CoP is meant to stay in the stone age - It's easier to hide bodies there probably.

Don't count Portland Water Bureau out of the continuing "software boondoggle" saga. They are still trying to get it functioning adding "patches" to the Cayenta softeware program that took over Sten's fiasco. Admiral Leonard again involved with another sinking ship

Smaller type, greyed text, things keep moving around making them hard to find... The complaints about the new emergency are the same ones that I have about the internet and "new, better" software.

Isn't it amazing how stupid, inept and corrupt people keep producing stupid, inept and corrupt things.

And they think those who recognize it are the screwed up ones.

I thought that the city's "Open Source Initative" was supposed to end all of these foolish computer fiascos, because the open source community would band together and fix anything.

I think the problem is that there are those who know how to wheel and deal and campaign very well, and then a total disconnect as to how to actually lead or take care of matters once elected,
OR just now that they are in, they have no conscience whatsoever about turning their back on the public.

It is always about the next campaign or election. How would one describe these kind of political ones when the decisions they make are whether they can stay in office, rather than the reasonable decisions that need to be made?

The people who will suffer from the project's failings are anybody who needs a response from PPB or PFB (meaning: all of us) and the first responders who have seen their ability to respond compromised.

This is much worse than a screw up at the Water Bureau or Development Services.

As always, nobody will be held accountable.

Oh they have to be accountable, but only to those vested interests that put them in their "royal perches" in the first place.

...or they shuffle the deck, but it is the same cards at play.

We need a new deck period!
The old deck shuffled around here by the web of power...citizens now know more than ever just how stacked it has been!

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