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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's just a synonym for "scam"

How can you have "urban renewal" in a rural place that's never been urban to begin with?

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Cause it's the gubmit, and they can do anything they want!

Come on Jack, it's for the children!!!!

Too bad, I'm sure 40+ years ago these made some slight sense, but like most programs once parasitical politicians see a source of money to be had they become little piggies.

So now what - Aurora schools are going to be slowly starved?

Maybe the real issue is that we don't really need all these general aviation airports after all, and some of them should be removed and reclaimed for other uses.

Do we really need Aurora (owned by the state), along with Mulino (also owned by the state), and then Troutdale and Hillsboro (both owned by the Port), along with Corvallis, Salem, Albany and McMinnville (owned by those cities), Scappoose) owned by the Port of Scappoose... It isn't like each of these airports really are all that busy, and they all have capital needs that the airports/cities cannot fund without support from the state/feds.

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