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Friday, May 6, 2011

Is this what Kate Brown's talking about?

The Oregon secretary of state's audit of faculty productivity in the state university system sounds a bit like this. [Via TaxProf Blog.]

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This sentence caught my eye. "Many faculty members have been nervously awaited the data's release". Reads like someone needs an editor.

Oregon HB 3118 (now dead) called for something similar.

There's no reason for UO faculty to get nervous. I'm no business management professor, but us faculty are UO's profit center, not its cost center. We are underpaid, we teach way more than our comparators, and we bring in some pretty decent research funding too. The more people know about what we do the better. Professors make money for the university.

The UO administration, on the other hand - well, there's a reason they make it so difficult to get public records and basic information about where they are spending tax and tuition money. And don't get me started on OUS and Pernsteiner.

Kate Brown hiring caused our state to be on a watch list.


State of Oregon placed on Black Box Voting Watch List Aug. 2009 due to hiring state elections director with history of obstructiveness to public observation. (See news article this section)

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