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Saturday, May 28, 2011

In agreement

We see that Dave Lister, who would have made an excellent Portland city commissioner, has posted his take on the defeat of the Portland school tax bond measure, and he echoes our sentiments almost exactly. But in complaining about Tri-Met's Mystery Train to Milwaukie, Dave says we're going to blow a half billion dollars. That seems low. Maybe he's just talking about the part that's not Magic Federal Money™ coming via Earl the Pearl.

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Yes, that was my error, and it's been pointed out to me from several sources. Like they say, a billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money.

It's too bad that Blumenauer isn't as successful securing federal dollars for education as he is for the shiny, transit trinkets he so very much enjoys.

That's the amount that will be blown on the Lake Oswego Streetcar.

But add it all up.

Milwaukie Light Rail $1.8 Billion (yes)
Lake Oswego Streetcar $1/2 Billion
CRC/Light Rail $2 Billion

Over $4.3 billion into boondogles that would never get voter approval.

They are being forced upon the region by completely unethical & conniving politicians and bureacrats.

I suppose this would and should apply to Dave & Jack - Hey you guys how about getting in the fight here and deliver us from King George? Qualifications? Close enough. The ability to tell the truth and stand up for the citizenry? Yes. All we need to stop the madness in this town is a good leader. How about it guys?


$1 Billion with debt for unnecessary PWB projects.

Add in the already sunk money for WES, the Green Line (which Metro admitted was a "Mistake")...

So, where ARE all those jobs created by the Green Line? Oh, that's right, when those jobs ended the politicians needed a new jobs program - thus, the Milwaukie and Streetcar projects. And in four years, what will be next? Another jobs program - MAX to Tigard? Then what? MAX to...Forest Grove? Boring? Aurora? Perrydale? Timber? Valsetz? Granite?

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