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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot and cold running fraud

Here's an interesting story out of Texas about hanky-panky with drinking water. The state's department of environmental quality knowingly fudged test results that showed unsafe levels of radiation in water. This enabled local water systems to avoid acknowledging violations of federal law, which would have triggered massive improvement costs -- and to avoid having to tell customers what was in the water coming out of their taps.

Comments (3)

Wow! We didn't even have to fudge yet here we all are facing massive improvement costs!

Texans don't believe in paying the piper, we do.

Here, we fudge things to make stuff look bad - like that guy who fudged the results for a water test involving a Hood River fruit juice company a year or so back.

Well my guess is Texans don't care about thus. After all, those are federal regulations we're talking about. And we all know the only things Texans hate more than Yankees are The Feds. Drink up!

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