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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harsh spotlight on U of O jock mania

The Register-Guard is aghast at the Nikezation of the state university in Eugene. [Via UO Matters.]

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What --did they just notice?

"I am shocked, shocked, to see gambling going on in this establishment!"....from Casablanca.
Perhaps the new logo for U of O will be the Swoosh.

My first thought was the same as "Conrad" above.

Then I realized how important is is for Portland Public Schools to invest in their athletic facility's so(it's for)the children can excel in todays Colleges!

Jocks and egg heads have been at odds for ever.

Most student athletes don't make it into the pro ranks, and for those that do, the average tenure is very short. Thus, an alternative way to make a living is almost always required.

I would venture that many of them are very surprised when they learn that the Real World doesn't cater to them the way the university system did.

From the linked article "The agreement requires the UO to run the Jaqua Center “at the leading edge of academic excellence” by substantially increasing staff and services. The cost of providing those services comes from the UO’s academic budget, not from the athletic department. It comes to almost $2 million a year, which works out to about $4,000 per student-athlete." The article goes on to say that the comparative expenditure for non-athletes is $250/year. Thanks Phil!

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