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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hail, hail, the gang's all here

Tri-Met is opening a new MAX station in Rockwood just in time for Memorial Day weekend. They're having a ribbon-stabbing ceremony on Friday.

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Heh, heh...Better a ribbon stabbing than a cop-cutting.

I wish you had a search function. As I've already explained, MAX ruined this neighborhood and will contnue to do so. No wonder those of us who were willing to make homes and lives there have fled the area.

I spoke with an apartment builder/investor today who is from Gresham. He was angry about how Max ruined his town ant that and a preponderance of subsidized low-income housing has turned a nice city into a ghetto of sorts. He blames the light rail for ushering in the high density housing that has utterly failed to provide the New Urbanism that planners want for us all. Or do they think that the world is full of people wealthy enough to keep reicating the Pearl District all over. I think that Metro calls these areas Transit Communities where people live in close contact to preserve precious land and trees and everyone gets around by rail or bikes.

If Rockwood is the poster child for New Urbanism, we are all doomed. Trimet and planners ought to set this right before they continue to experiment on th rest of the region. Reminds me of the Whole Language fiasco that ruined a decade or two of reading/writing/grammar instruction in the schools stupid enough to follow hip new trends while experimenting on real kids. What hubris. What an avoidable tragedy.

why did they add a ticket vending machine?

why did they add a ticket vending machine?

Because of the eternal hope of the progressives that someone will actually pay to ride the toy train.

(Yes, I know that there are people that legitimately pay their fares, but there's still a crapton of fare-avoidance going on.)

I wonder if the ribbon will say:

"206 buses are permanently parked because this MAX Station is open for business!"

This one had better come standard with the classic music blaring out of speakers at the station.

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