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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gunshots on the couplet

It's been a wild and woolly 24 hours for shootings in Portland. The media has this one happening late yesterday afternoon and this one happening this morning. Given the mayor's new gun control rules and his skill at running the police bureau, it's a mystery how these incidents can keep occurring. Especially so close to the wonderful new Burnside-Couch couplet.

It's a war zone out there -- be careful.

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And so, to keep it green, Randy & the Mayerr are launching a "load your own" ammo program. Consultant RFP is in third final final draft stage. Recycle those shells! Joint skeet shoot/fast-draw charette forthcoming.

Go by armor-faringed bike!

Get the led out!

And the Couplet is providing a new venue for panhandling too.
Oh so pleasant to drive through the line up of poor souls risking their lives on city streets to bring in income.

The second might've just been someone who got so pissed off trying to get though that engineered mess they went over the edge for moment.

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