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Friday, May 27, 2011

Gatsby's got a secret

Sen. Ron Wyden says that federal prosecutors are secretly twisting the meaning of the Patriot Act. This isn't the first time that he's complained about this, but he's being coy about the specifics. Gee, if it's that bad, couldn't he just accidentally leave it out on the kitchen counter of his Portand condo, where a realtor could find it?

Meanwhile, the hideous "homeland security" law continues to be extended, with President Change Agent leading the charge for the status quo. He's going to use a robot to sign the bill, which seems entirely appropriate. In contrast, the Bill of Rights was signed in person by real people.

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From the article.

All of these government powers require an order from secret federal courts.

Shakes head...

When do we the people start to hold the elected representatives and government employees truly accountable.

At least Bush and Ashcroft told you they were taking away your rights. Obama talks all lefty but then does the exact opposite. He smells as CIA as Bush -- maybe more so.

Remember the old saying the Russians had that went something like this:
Comrades, you pretend to work and we pretend to pay you. I think a similar version for us is: Citizens, you pretend to have your liberties and we'll pretend this is a democracy.

In related news, Wyden has struck a major blow against copyright bullying with this move. Way to go -- seriously!

I respect him for putting a hold on that crappy law, and doing it in the open. A senator without a spine would have put an anonymous hold on it and continued to take in campaign contributions from the Walt Disney Corporation, Sony, Warner Brothers, EMI, etc.

It is a statement about the times that Obama toasted the Queen of England using index cards.

What an idiot.

I seem to recall that even from a hospital bed where he was recovering from emergency surgery Ashcroft said "No way" to Bush on various excesses under the Patriot Act. White House counsel was there pleading with Ashcroft for signature on various "findings" for enhanced interrogation and Ashcroft refused.

Fast forward and Ashcroft was out as AG in second term, being replaced by self same former White House counsel.

Ashcroft was not the one dimensional villain as he is too often portrayed.

Nonny Mouse,
I just put up a link and comment about this yesterday. I remember seeing James Comey's dramatic testimony. . a riveting story in our history.

Comey's testimony:


Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed
Ailing Ashcroft Pressured on Spy Program, Former Deputy Says

if the president signs a bill, but uses some sort of teleportation pen to sign it, is it really signed?
In the early days of faxes, (short for facsimile) weren't some contracts deemed voidable because of the lack of an original signature? I think the state legislatures had to update the contract laws to include faxes.

Any law professors care to comment?

Good Job Sen Wyden , this thing is a smear on Democracy , and should be voided pronto.

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