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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game over

It's been a while since we had the car radio on. Today we hit button no. 4 and discovered that the sports talk on 95.5 FM, formerly known as "the Game," has been terminated in favor of music. We're so out of it -- what happened, and when?

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Moved yesterday to 750 on the AM side

Yesterday, moved to 750AM and 750 AM (lars et al) is now on 101.1 FM

Does Paul Allen still own these stations? Or were they sold to that other guy?

I notice that 1190 also has an FM deal now, simulcast I believe.

Jack...catch up on all the local radio happenings here:



We're so out of it -- what happened, and when?

Is that the 'royal we' talking or the 'Sybil we'?

If any of you actually listened to the station, at least one of you would know all about it. You must have a great filter for commercials, et al.

No static at all...

CC--I was listening Monday night (the show was all about Rich Cho's firing), and never heard anything about the station changing format. Then when I tuned in on Wednesday...no sports!

I hate it when I get used to a station and then they change. Whine, whine.

Talk radio moved to FM; sports radio moved to the 750 am slot. They did about a weeks' worth of notifications rather sporadically - happened to catch one a couple of days ago, where they mentioned that 95.5 was moving to 750. Maybe if I listened to the stations more often, I'd have caught it sooner.

This is a puzzling step backwards. Why waste a prime FM spot on a niche music format that doesn't have a built-in listener base? Music stations are flailing as they die in this town, changing formats and hosts almost monthly to compete with iPods/Phones and satellite radio. With a virtual monopoly on the Blazers, Ducks, Seahawks, Timbers, Winterhawks and Dodgers, maybe they're trying to fatten their margin and cash in on a cheaper signal. Or maybe they're just trying to kill radio altogether. Put a bird on it, Alpha Broadcasting.

They also dropped the Jim Rome show. Program Director claimed he wasn't pulling much of a rating.

Listen up, sports DJs. This could be my best chance to vent: Do you have any idea how worn out it is to say, "I get that" and "Really?"
In the space of 28 minutes this afternoon, a local sports DJ used the "Really?" phrase 5 times, and the "I get that" twice. If you're not familiar with this, here's how it goes: "Okay, it rains here a lot. I get that. So now you want to ban clouds? Really?" (The "Really?" must be delivered in a smug condescending tone like you're saying something brilliant.)

This is the 2011 version of "What's up with that?" It is lame. It is over. Why don't you follow your point with some material? Maybe a joke.

Look, I can take the endless analysis about pre-season rankings. Rankings so far in advance that other sports may be invented before the season finally arrives. That's fine. But I write radio prep for an audience reported to be 5.7 million people. I have done this job since 1996. I know how to keep radio interesting: By saying good, memorable lines.

We have some radio talent in this town that is above the market size. I appreciate this fact, but I cannot take the "I get that" and "Really?"s anymore.
Earn your money with some original material. Thank you.

... doubtful they can get that, Bill, really.

Tensk, you've done it, 6 words, really.

And congratulations to Tensk!

Drudge headline right now: "Rudy? Really?"

We could have a half-full/half-empty argument whether Larson willingly jumped into FM 'opportunity' or resigned himself to being forced out of the AM band. I say AM radio shock talk and hate making is now crash-burn. Larson's been exiled to Not Happening Backwater.

Anyone on the FM band who bumps into Larson's liar litany is going to dump him and continue on their way to their music, whatever kind it is. FM radio means car music.

Roger Ailes is going down, perhaps terminated by Murdoch. Limbaugh will still have Ailes producing him, but Ailes will be blacklisted and won't have contacts and get call-backs he used to. FOX and Limbaugh cratering together means game over, Larson loser. A couple items evidence:

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory, By Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone, May 25, 2011

Are we done with Rush Limbaugh yet? - His ratings are falling, along with most of the rest of the right-wing talkers. Is his era finally over? - By Alex Pareene, Salon.COM, May 24, 2011

Seems as though local Alpha Broadcasting got sold the hate-filled Larson media property at the top dollar valuation, and it's going, going, gone downhill ever since.

I heard some caller on-air today asking where to sign up for a rocket ride to Mars ... and there was much miscommunication slapstick before the hard-hearing caller got straightened out that it was NOT the Mars Launchin' program she had called.
"Oh," says she, "never mind." Larson hated her.

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