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Friday, May 27, 2011

Eye in the sky

Sometimes I get the feeling that Google knows me too well. For example, look what popped up as the ad box for this blog when I called it up on my browser:

I don't think my tin foil helmet is working.

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I hear some folks have success using three layers of foil with copper wire reinforcements and when packed with ice it can double as a Kool Aid chiller.

Jack, perhaps it is time to start use some of those identity protection services.

I tried to buy Italian dance duds on the internet recently; at the end of the session, after giving my card info, the website told me they couldn't actually complete the transaction. Try tomorrow. Needless to say, it will be a long time before I try again. In the meantime, the Italian hosiery company follows me all through my internet travels now, with an image of long legs clad in blue lace and stilettos. Even on the sidebar of this blog. What gives?

Yesterday morning I included the words Paxil and Lithium in a comment to "Who votes for these people?". That could be the connection.

Welcome to the age of behavioral targeting. If you look for particular types of products online you may notice that they'll follow you around the web. That's because your browsing history was used to select ads for you. Also, if you use gmail your emails are scanned and key words are used to select ads for you.

There's also a lot of money in demographic information. Websites gather and sell demographic data based on browsing and purchasing history and sell your info to online advertisers and retailers.

Bizarrely, all the ads targeted at me deal with concealed carry permits and home security. Odd. I've literally never looked for any of that stuff.

I absolutely love your comment "I don't think my tin foil helmet is working." I'm going to remember that one.

At least writing the book was first!

I highly recommend a silver helmet, though I haven't actually gotten around to getting mine yet. It just sounds a little more organic and upscale.

Jack, if you use firefox, this plugin is a must. It'll put an end to all that.


Hint: get to know what "Super Cookies" are--they're insidious.

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