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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't audit, don't audit so, don't audit so close to me

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown says she's got some ideas for "improving management of faculty workloads" in the state university system. It will be interesting to read the reaction from these folks, who in fact are among those carrying said loads. Outside help on curriculum and course assignments is not usually welcome in the groves of academe, but we'll see.

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Here at UO, our teaching load has gone up 20% over 5 years. It was above our peers to start with. Our pay has been frozen for 3 years. UO full professors are now paid 80% of what peer universities pay. Our research expenditures are 63% of comparable universities.

And us "lazy" professors got 11 of our 21 PhD research programs above the national medians, in the latest NRC rankings. The comparison is to top national programs.

So we're underpaid relative to our peers, we teach more, and we do better research with less funding.

Meanwhile tuition is up 30%. We would like to know where our administration spent that money!

Kate Brown actually trying to rock the boat in state govt? That's a bigger headline.

'Transfer of wealth'.

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