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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirty pool

If you're still paying attention to the worst nuclear disaster in history, and you'd like to get a look at what's going on in the nuclear waste pool at Fukushima reactor no. 3, click here for a zip file of an underwater video (mpg format), dated Sunday and supplied by Tokyo Electric.

What a mess! Normally spent fuel pools are kept pristine -- this one's full of heavy debris, and who knows how long it will even remain standing, with 5-point earthquakes popping off nearby every few hours these days. One thing's for sure -- that pool alone would cost many, many millions of dollars to stabilize, if it doesn't collapse first. We're probably talking remote-controlled submarines, and perhaps equipment that hasn't even been invented yet.

And it's not clear what's under that debris. Some well informed observers theorize that the pool went critical and exploded, in which case a whole bunch of pulverized nuclear waste went shooting into the sky. At this point, nobody knows who much might have blown up, and what's left under the wreckage. And given that the Japanese government and the plant operator are highly secretive, we may never know.

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Thanks for keeping up the good fight on this topic-in the 24 hr news cycle we live in, it's hard to keep the important stuff on the frontburner.


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