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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming soon to your tap water?

Mmmmm... lithium.

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And to think that Texas was way ahead of the curve all along. Most of the wells in West Texas are so loaded with lithium that they have some of the lowest incidents of mental illness in the nation. (The story behind the town of Mineral Wells and the monstrous Baker Hotel is a fascinating one, and should be instructional to those who assume a big tourist attraction will save a town. I go there on a regular basis, mostly to collect guano from Bat World Sanctuary, and I even have a vintage "Crazy Water" bottle from the days when Mineral Wells used to bottle up its well water and sell it across the country.)

Boy, do they ever need it in places like the Sudan, which appears headed for yet another bloodbath.

On the other hand, sounds more like adding lithium to the drinking water might prevent depression/suicide on a population level, and not necessarily calm down the crazies in the quilt...

Besides, Japan is SO not representative, generally speaking. After all, suicide there is considered an art form; one of their greatest writers last century commented shortly before his ritual suicide, that such a beautiful day corresponded perfectly to his intention.

(Luckily, such days don't happen very often in Oregon).

Just the ticket...to keep people happy while turning their country into third world status and taking their treasury and treasures.

...keep people satisfied so they won't question or become political?
...wait...I guess they already did that somehow during the years the plan above was implemented!!

Did they do it with propaganda, that works too!!
Lithium and propaganda, an irresistible combination!!

Lithium is found naturally in some springs in Oregon (Lithia Springs near Ashland, for example).

Move over zombies, the reavers are coming.


I doubt we'll see it. I was recently surprised to learn that somehow our water isn't even fluoridated (so I switched to a high fluoride mouthwash). If they can't get on board with something as common with time-proven effectiveness as fluoride, good luck.

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