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Friday, May 13, 2011

Clean sweep

Here's an interesting page from the Tweeters at the Portland Water Bureau, showing the semi-annual cleanout of an open-air reservoir at Washington Park. The caption is supposed to scare us into thinking that there's a contamination hazard -- the bureau says we must spent a bazillion dollars to cover the tanks -- but given that it's a 17.6 million gallon pool, that's not much debris to worry about. The reservoirs seem to be doing just fine.

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There is no evidence or chain of custody certification the debris came from the reservoir itself either. Notice the metal grating on the side that was supposed to be removed after the epic "plastic cover" EBay boondoggle by Portland Water Bureau. This is a non-issue event. I would much rather have the open reservoirs as they are now than take radon nose-hits from closed reservoirs during my shower. How about a little routine maintenance from all those scam rate increases PWB?

99% of what you see is rocks and gravel, and some cement chunks. What shouldn't be there fits in one hand.

More party propaganda from Правда, er I meant PortlandOnline.

Message to PWB:
1. Just STOP the unnecessary projects.
2. Just request the Waiver
3. Just take care of the deferred maintenance of our treasure, The Bull Run Water System including the Reservoirs.
4. Just Start acting like you are on the public's side instead of for corporations and changing our good system into corporate dream "design" for whose benefit?

This is turning out to be a nightmare for the residents of Portland who will have to pay for the 85% increase in water rates/5 years and drink degraded toxic water!!

Well said clinamen.

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