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Thursday, May 19, 2011

City of Portland 911 board says it can meet in secret

The flap about problems with the city's expensive new 911 computer system is now degenerating to the junior high school student government level.

"Can't come in!"

"Can too!"


Not a good junior high school, either.

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KATU News covered this fiasco this evening. Fritz spat out a sound bite that was really laughable - stating that the old system presented many problems for users as well. No computer software is perfect, but the old system was a very effective tool for public safety personnel. Portland decided to cast aside that old but effective tool for a more modern microsoft-like system that is designed to work on a desktop computer, not in an emergency vehicle. Don't take my word for it. Ask any cop or firefighter who actually uses the system.

That's the kids in City Hall for you, only the latest, greatest, and most expensive is good enough.

"The Best for the Best".

Closed meetings of public officials or entities disenfranchise the tax paying public.

How long would $18,000 per employee per year health benefits continue if the the tax paying public were sitting in the room when the government employer and the employees, aka the unions, are squabbling over how much to increase the next contract.

It is time for the elected officials to start representing the tax paying public as a whole not just being sock puppets for the public employee unions.

It is time for the elected officials to figure out what a reasonable good health plan is and then tell the unions if you want a gold plated plan with door to door limo service then that is coming out of your pocket not the tax paying public's pocket.

(the $18,000 per employee is what the City of Bend is paying each year just for health benefits...)

Haha! I love this: "...Fairview Police Chief Ken Johnson said they had adopted a 57-point plan to fix the problems that surfaced after it was activated on April 17."

FIFTY-SEVEN point plan? Yep, "almost perfect" indeed....

The union at the Bureau of Communications is completely hands off over the issue of the new system. In fact a high ranking union official told a concerned employee to "suck it up" when the employee complained to her.


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