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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can't get next to U

We blogged yesterday about the Portland fire bureau's new "U" signs, which it places over the doors of buildings to warn firefighters not to go inside in case of a fire. A reader who works in the Multnomah County Courthouse asks if public buildings qualify for the signs, because as everyone knows, the courthouse is seismically unfit. Apparently, they do qualify, because as another reader pointed out yesterday, one of the buildings listed as unsafe is the Portland Police Mounted Patrol Unit headquarters, 1362 NW Naito Parkway.

Comments (3)

You do realize how much it will cost the taxpayers to get rid of that U sign?

Randy can get another of the glass palaces (since when are fire stations the best looking buildings in town) for such a crucial service.

All it takes is another 25% bump in water rates.

PS - You really need to PhotoShop one of those U signs over City Council.

The MPU uses one of the buildings at the Centennial Mill site. I think the U sign is on the main building there, which is unoccupied but in the process (we will see) of redevelopment. The lot of buildings there share an address.

I don't think the MPU would be in a U sign building.

Over 3/4ths of all Portland buildings don't meet today's seismic standards. The U sign has no validity if Leonard and CoP doesn't apply it uniformly.

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