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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birds, bees about to be disturbed

If you're a user of the back areas of Tryon Creek State Park in southwest Portland, you'd better enjoy the scenery while you can. It looks as though Portland sewer crews are going to be ripping the place up pretty soon.

They're calling it a "sewer protection" project. It looks like a major deal, and no doubt some will complain that not all of it seems to be strictly concerned with the sewer. On this page, the city reports that the project will "enhance in-stream habitat for fish in Tryon Creek State Natural Area. The project also includes significant stream bank regrading, revegetation, and wetland/floodplain reconnection." Great stuff, but shouldn't state park funds be doing some of that? This isn't more mission creep with city revenue from sewer bills, is it?

Comments (4)

When the PDX water/sewer dept. starts waving little red books, I'm leaving town.

Expansion of capacity to facilitate large volume pumping of poo from the new developments down in Lake O along the big ticket people-mover line TBD?

You're on the track I was thinking about.
Question then is what is really being done there in the name of habitat and "fix-up" - and/or is the work being done to facilitate "future developments" and we end up paying with higher rates for these future developments?

Something to do with Homer Williams and Dike Dame's Foothills scam?

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