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Monday, May 2, 2011

Big news brewing at Portland City Hall

Apparently the mayor's flacks have hastily scheduled a press conference within the next hour, but they're not saying what it's about.

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I think it's going to be about Portland Parks acquiring 146 acres of land near the Riverview Cemetery - story is posted at oregonlive.com. About half of the $11.25 million cost will come from a sewer fund. Get ready to pay even higher sewer bills than have already been announced.

Maybe the city's Navy Seal team (run out of Admiral Randy's fleet of course) has finally tracked down arch-enemies Responsibility and Common Sense in their hideout and shot them dead once and for all.

The Samster is taking credit for gunning down OBL

I'm with Ick on this. Another 140 acres permanently removed from the property tax rolls.


It's "green", so there has to be announcement.

Sam's actually staying in Portland this summer instead of Europe on PBA or taxpayer expense.

In addition, he actually found another developer besides Homer or G-E to give money to.

One of the other results of the City buying the 146 acres is that it takes away from Riverdale School District the potential of having some more houses - the tract is within the City, but not within PPS.

Property will be used for medical marijuana plantation.

Like the sewer money RandySam stole to finance the Tryon Creek Life Community Farm, where building and sanitation codes are ignored, they want to expand to the next ravine using our sewer taxes. Goats galore. The so-called Farm took over 20 tax generating homesites away, all deep inside the urban growth boundary.

What's the sense of taking more acreage out of tax production? Why not let Riverview keep it as greenspace without the use of taxpayer dollars? Is that too simple?

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