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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beaver State falls short

We see that the Oregon legislature is once again passing laws concerning the dangerous practice of using a cell phone while driving. But once again, they're failing to address the real problem.

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"House Bill 3186 clarifies that emergency responders, police, tow truck drivers, agricultural workers and utility crews are still allowed to drive and use a hand-held device." Because it is so much safer to get hit by a utility truck than by a Volkswagen.

Or is it because hands-free driving devices that I can buy at Costco for $50 somehow don't work in ambulances, police cars, tow trucks, farm vehicles, and utility trucks?

Ag workers??? they not only get a pass on green cards, driver's licenses, and free tuition for their kids. Now they can use cell phones????

This ain't enforced, even if the idiot is obviously talking and driving and the traffic cop is scratching himself.

I'm amused by the texters who drive with their gaze intently upon their crotch, where their text device is below view. It looks like everybody is involved in pubic shaving...or, uh...other things.

Rule 34, no exceptions.


Let's also ban driving while reading, putting on make-up, eating burgers and fries and other not exactly finger foods, performing certain sex acts, and changing clothes. I have seen all of these activities over the years while driving.
However I do not believe we can legislate our culture out of stupidity.
This is also why I have no hope that local, state and federal budgets will ever be in the black again, much less balanced in any meaningful way.

Godfry is so right about cops ignoring it. Just this week, I had a driver holding cell phone to ear in front of me. We went by a WashCo Sheriff's car that just ignored it.

You can't make THAT illegal here, Jack. It's the Beaver State!

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