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Friday, May 13, 2011

Arrests in Lloyd Center shooting

They've arrested two men in connection with the murder of a high school freshman in broad daylight at Holladay Park behind the Lloyd Center on April 18. Here's the story in the O -- curious headline and emphasis -- with the suspects' booking photos down the page a ways. If you check them out on pdxmugshots.com, you'll see they are no strangers to the police.

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"curious headline and emphasis"

Sounds as though the actual witnesses to the shooting are still needed, but remain reluctant to come forward. Tough one for them if they have to keep living in that neighborhood.

I wonder if there is any connection between: Rashad Quentel Sanders, 26 recently arrested for compelling prostitution/human trafficking of a 14 year old girl at the Palms Hotel.
Interesting comparing the similarities and connections between the two criminals.

An accused murderer was arrested on (at least) two prior firearms violations, and all he got was probation? Then he went out and used the guns. Shocked and dismayed I am.

Maybe Mayor Gun Control can find a way to help Cogen open Wapato. Maybe form a LID, or put a stadium in the parking lot?

In my world, "kids" who use a gun to commit a crime would be tried as adults, starting at age 13. Then let them stew at Don-e-Long's until they're old enough for grownup prison. Once a sufficient number of knuckleheads are serving 20 year sentences, they're buddies will think twice about playing with fire.

Mister Tee...you are spot on. I'm writing your name in as mayor.....

Yeah, because knuckleheads at that age are so noted for rational planning ahead and weighing of consequences.

Prisons only make the knuckleheads mad. They just need a hug and a subsidized condo in the pearl. Give peace and hugs a chance.

White Mercedes? Blacked out windows? Chrome rims? Mug shots. Surprise! Not.

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