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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanda's "close to perfect" 911 computers: the cat fight

"You're not on the board, so be quiet."

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

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Fritz has nothing else meaningful to manage, really. Like Fish, she's carefully trying to manage her "record" to make sure her City Council sinecure stays in place. Unlike the rest of City Council, though, she actually has a well-paying profession she might be able to fall back on. Hacks like Leonard, Adams and Fish have put all their chips in the "perpetual government employee" basket.

It's Deja vu all over again. As soon as someone smart and persistent, starts asking tough questions, they are asked to leave their volunteer positions. Of course you all remember T.J. Browning, and the entire police budget advisory committee, being let go because they dared to correct Mayor Adams about the 2010 budget. And now, Fritz is on the fritz? I wish T.J.Browning would run for Mayor!

Usually they let you keep your soul and take one pound of flesh at a time. Looks like Amanda's totally sold out.

Why address the issue when you can just get rid of the objections conveniently thru personal attacks?

Prolly racism. Works for a lot of of people.

Don't like the criticism, silence the critic. Pretty weak, Amanda.

The City Council has nothing but contempt for advisory boards. Listening to the public is not their forte.

It takes a very strong ego to admit it when you're wrong. Especially when you believe you determine Truth.

Facts are stubborn things.

Re: "Fritz has nothing else meaningful to manage, really."

But, towm, now Ms Fritz has the EI:

"Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Amanda Fritz invite all Portlanders to join them in a community forum to ask questions and express hopes and concerns, as together we move forward on the Equity Initiative. For more information on this Initiative, please visit http://www.portlandonline.com/fritz "


"The Equity Initiative represents a convergence of many concerned Portlanders – community members, elected officials and city staff – who believe that Portland city government, and the city as a whole must take action to address historic and current structural and systemic inequities resulting in disparities of opportunity and achievement in our community."

I suppose the key word in your assertion is "meaningful." Certainly, you would not include the Office of Neighborhood Interference (ONI) in that category.

Re: "Like Fish, she's carefully trying to manage her 'record' to make sure her City Council sinecure stays in place."

towm, regarding Mr Fish's minimalist approach to maintaining his 20% of City Council seats:
"Fish, the city's housing commissioner, came under fire last week after The Oregonian reported that the city had made no plans to enforce against the landlords in the audit and had not even notified them that they'd been tested though the last of the testing occurred last December."

What an obsolete, ineffective, expensive, embarrassing form of representative city governance!

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