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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Afraid of the Portland police? You must be paranoid.

The former police recruit who has accused several Portland officers of wrongdoing has been attacked by a city-hired shrink as having "paranoid personality disorder," in part because she's a "perfectionist" and "inordinately suspicious" of others. Given what everyone knows about the wild and mean streaks in the city's police bureau, that's not a bug -- it's a feature.

Comments (10)

As with all whistleblowers who break omertà, suddenly THEY have psycho problems. This was a fave trick in the old Soviet Union ... Anyone not loving everything about the worker's paradise needed a shrink, and lots of serious drugs.

No doubt this PPB shrink is cousin to the ones helping torture people in Gitmo.

An expert witness tends to say what he or she is paid to say.

If nothing else, the PPB has deflected nw coverage away from Quentin Ho's (I think that's his name) behavior to Lindsay Hunt's sanity/paranoia. So that part has worked according to plan I'm sure.

Now back to the important issues at City Hall - Paid-for sex change operations.

This is hardly surprising. Sadly far too many people of all politcal stripes still blindly side with the police.

Yet more and more average joe and jane law-abiding citizens are waking up and don't trust cops. When you mention that to those who work in/with/related to law enforcement, you're instantly termed a "cop-hater". Thus promotion of the us vs them mentality continues.

The first thing I thought when I saw that Elaine Brady is going to run for mayor is "can she rein in our corrupt police bureau and would she have the cojones to stand up to the overbearing police union".

I wait to see WHEN an aspiring mayor (forget the current one) is going to make that a campaign issue. I think it would play quite well with the public.

What they are attempting to do with this female officer is a disgrace.

Make that "Eileen" Brady -

Just like with the "excited delirium" defense, this tactic of smearing Hunt was personally signed off on by the Mayor, the Council members, the City Attorney and the Police Chief. Next time you see them. Look them in the eyes, call them by their first names, and ask them why.

Upthread, Steve 'the Larspigot' regurges limp shocktalk: "important issues ... sex change operations." Now, inquiring minds want to know, from 'insiders' such as Steve the Larspigot, do tell: What "business" is Lars going to NYC next week "to do some" of? It could be Ailestalking and that word is defined and deduced in the following linked article.

Ailestalking is Roger Ailes stalking you -- he's the stalker, you and I are the stalkees. Here, Lars is the prey of Ailstalking, ruminated in Steve the Larspigot, who stalks here.

Ailestalking for what purpose? The main purpose is to propogate paranoia -- BOO! be very afraid betterwatchwhatyousay -- and 'succeeds' such as seen fostered by the 'shrink' who's the topic here, also instilled in PPDethic.

Definition and exposition here,

Roger Ailes told me he had been diagnosed as a paranoid. A paranoid soon to launch a news channel. Following is the American Psychiatric Association definition of "Paranoid Personality Disorder" DSM-IV 301.0:
A pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:

(1) suspects, without sufficient basis, that others are exploiting, harming, or deceiving him or her (2) is preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty or trustworthiness of friends or associates (3) is reluctant to confide in others because of unwarranted fear that the information will be used maliciously against him or her (4) reads hidden demeaning or threatening meanings into benign remarks or events (5) persistently bears grudges, i.e., is unforgiving of insults, injuries, or slights (6) perceives attacks on his or her character or reputation that are not apparent to others and is quick to react angrily or to counterattack (7) has recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding fidelity of spouse or sexual partner

presented in Prologue, Naked Launch, book by Dan Cooper who built the facilities of FOX News in which Ailestalking fulfilled. Cooper's book describes the infotaining contents which Ailes fully filled the channel with, and you can figure out the rest -- what those contents fermented, after settling.

The hammer-down exposé Naked Launch, 2008, (reference to Wm.Burroughs' Naked Lunch, 1959, ideas in "Annexia" of a "Total Demoralizator" character being "a cruel, manipulative sadist"), along with hit pieces blasting Ailes in both Rolling Stone and New York magazines on the stands now, along with Ailes's recent submission to being forced to terminate his protegé paranoia drone Glenn Beck, amounts to a media barrage (on birthday - Ailes' 71st, May 15) coordinated enough to defrock, dethrone, and utterly demoralize that 'Demoralizator' himself. Now! The exile of Ailes. Coming this summer! And thus decapitate FOX News, and thus behead the (now lower case) 't' party and U.S. GOP, and thus betray Lars's (Steve's, Limbaugh's, robot's talking) career(s) -- double-crossed stabbed in the back and thrown under the bus, all of them, the whole Ailes-made fascistalk radio format.

Personal action item: BOYCOTT Pay TV channel 'bundles' (cable or dish) and maintain the BOYCOTT until FOX and local 'must carry' affiliates is and are cut off from the bundle. Meaning: Immediately. Before the 2012 election TV-commercial buying begins. Yes we can.

Local result: The paranoia deflates in the personnel of PPD and its Ailestalking shrink mouthpieces. What doesn't go around doesn't come around.

what's the problem with the City's Attorney Office?
...are they all lower-ranked BYU Law School grads
that would have had hard time finding a job with
any reputable law firm and they opted to just hang
out with the paid city liar's that the City's Attorney's
Office has become in their silly zeal to "defend"
(rather to outright LIE) when it comes to the PoPo?
tsk! tsk! everyone of 'em should be ashamed to be
working for such an outfit.

George (A. Seldes, upthread) plainly states the fascist tactic and Karl Rove's singular style of blaming the victim. The real psycho (FOX, Lars, et al.) is the one who uses the tactic of name-calling others 'psycho'. "Anyone not loving everything about the [facetious] worker's paradise need[s] a shrink," is the assertion of the actual paranoid psychos, who are 'in love' very much with (making) He!! on Earth these days.

In the 'Prologue' Cooper notes that Ailes' renown owes its all-and-everything to 9/11 staged at the right time in his prime. Ailes' stature was catapulted farthest over the propaganda pile of b.s. ... on FOX in the last 10 years ... for USworldwide war.

Accordingly, there is a new book out. Among the Truthers: A Journey into the Growing Conspiracist Underground of 9/11 Truthers, Birthers, Armageddonites, Vaccine Hysterics, Hollywood Know-Nothings and Internet Addicts', published in Toronto by Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins, 2011. The "editorial book" author, Jonathan Kay, is a paid rightwing slander columnist for Canada's National Post newspaper published by Murdoch minion Conrad Black, (convicted of embezzlements and now in prison).

Kay's book Among the Truthers aims to victimize a certain self-proud 'Truther' who retaliates with clear explanation that the psychos among us are not the 'Truthers' but are the anti-truthers: those who adopt the Official Legend of 9/11 and who try to enforce the info in everyone's mind by name-calling 'psychos' at any 'Truthers' who dissent. Name-calling 'Truthers' is and has been the primary broadcast of Ailes, FOX, and Murdoch's bundle of media.

Targeted 'Truther' Anthony J. Hall offers his review of Kay's book, here: Waging The Battle for Reality ~ A Review Essay on a Propagandist’s Journey in Search of the ‘Conspiracist Underground’ at VeteransToday.COM.

... Kay opts to medicalize the whole matter. Without even a gloss of credentials in the field, Kay appoints himself as a practitioner his own school of social psychiatry. From this platform of quackery Kay diagnoses all (those who do not share his worldview) as victims of “collectively experienced mental illness.”

Jonathan Kay draws from the language of eugenics, sometimes referred to as mental hygiene. He equates the quest for 9/11 Truth with an infectious disease whose carriers must be inoculated against, through re-education initiatives, in the classroom.

... In Kay’s virulent verbiage he throws around generalizing terms like “Truther,” “Trutherdom” and “conspiracist” in much the same way that bigots of another era could safely deploy terms like n!gger, w@p, p!nko, k!ke, p@pist or h0m0 [or today's "paranoid personality"] to stigmatize and dehumanize whole groups deemed unfit for full integration into polite society. Kay’s resort to the toxic terminology emerging from racist taxonomy shows up in his identification of “the different breeds of conspiracy theorist.” [xx in footnotes] In this fashion the good, bad or indifferent intellectual work of particular activists is not dealt with on its own merits or demerits. Instead, the power of stereotypes is invoked so that masses of individuals can be set up for indiscriminate smear and ridicule.

In Kay’s demonology, the so-called Truthers become the heirs of the enemy aliens once targeted for deportation by the US Justice Department during the Red Scare after the First World War. They are set up as domestic equivalents of the so-called unlawful enemy combatants. The category of unlawful enemy combatants is based on the [Murdoch/FOX/Ailes/Lars/PPD 'shrink'] creation of a legal fiction advanced by the US Executive branch in order to give cover to the uninterrupted orgy of illegal torture, arbitrary incarceration and extrajudicial murder done in the name of the sacred myth of 9/11. In Kay’s hit job, “typical specimens” of his invented syndromes of “conspiracist” dementia are said to offer examples of “incurable disease.”

... Kay quotes approvingly the view of Philip Zelikow that the so-called Truthers are made up of “cult-like” groups that are similar to al-Qaeda in trying to “set themselves up as chroniclers of an alternative history.” Ultimately Kay throws a very large tent over a huge and unwieldy mass of good, bad and indifferent intellectual work. Kay declares that the awkward demonology of his constructed mythology constitutes conclusive proof of the “mind-warping effects of conspiracism.”

... Kay diagnoses the mental ailment he claims to have discovered to be so menacing that the malady must be combated through the deployment of a universal regime of public education to take effect before the so-called conspiracists “have a chance to [further] infect our thinking.”

That last line is exactly as foreseen - 'Anyone not loving the FOX-Official 9/11-Fable Thing now needs a shrink' - drawn from the USSR Past to be the USA Prologue in George's comment in the first place.

Action: Do away with Dr. Shrink who sees "paranoid" psychos foul-judging police, and the liars who slather his media diet with that view -- Is it real? or, Is it Demon-X?

As media make the politics (in 'shrink'-wrapped sound bites focussed on fear of withdrawal from our fossil fuel addiction, and/or fear of individual action for self-preservation, and/or fear of others taking actions), and politics makes the problems ( The Sky Really Is Falling, Chris Hedges), the oncoming future for all of us, humankind, goes from dismal to deathly.

The article How Ailes Built the Fear Factory is at Rolling Stone.COM

And, as if on cue to show Lars 'psyched' in the Ailes/FOX paranoia, and telling lies as usual, comes this item today:

[ ]
On Fox, Lars Larson Seizes Opportunity To Rehash Immigration Myths, chronicled at MediaMatters.ORG, June 01, 2011

Plain and simple, massmedia acting in the FOX method induces fear and paranoia as much as possible -- in 'cop' shows, in real cops, and in the Portland police and their Dr. Feelbad spokeshrink. The police union is little to blame or accuse for causing its own psycho sickness, nor is the union on the other hand doing anything creditworthy to cure its mental disorder. Such symptoms and the shrinks who profit by it are going to increase, compound, and fester more, unless the FOXfear tumor is chopped off.


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