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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A shocking revelation

Those studies that say Tasers are safe enough for police use? Apparently, most of them are funded by Taser.

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Good catch!

I never really thought of tasers as being "safe" in any scenario. After all, shooting two prongs into someone to light them up can hardly be a safe way to conduct an arrest, just often better than the alternative.

As the years have passed I have not changed my mind about that scenario much. However, I am concerned the threshold for when tasers are being used by the police has changed some over time. Using them as an alternative to killing someone still makes them a viable tool in my book. Using the taser as the tool of choice when someone argues or refuses to "cooperate" quickly enough would be a more worthy study.

I couldn't agree more.

Tasers are a useful alternative to lethal force, but because of that very fact, they're tempting to use as a torture device to coerce someone, a temptation that time and again nationwide, some officers haven't been able to resist.

That's Taser International to you, buster.

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