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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A 4.6 quake off the Oregon coast

It was about 135 miles off Coos Bay, at 12:21 a.m. So far, nothing in the mainstream media about it.

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Asking a lot Jack. Journalist hours these days are 8a-9p, tops. It's sleepy time.

Too bad missed the rapture.

I got a call just a couple days ago from another gadfly who got a call from a local key jouranalist who's been covering
the Sellwood bridge-CC fee story all along.

The journalsit said he keeps hearing about this notion Sam Adams was going to
move $20 million from bridge funding to the Milwaukie Light Rail and wanted to know what it was all about and where there would be something to back it up.

Can everyone else immediately understand how disturbing that is?

I mean the entire issue of Adams $20 million has been in multitple news stories and any google turns up hit after hit.

So how is it that a jouranlist covering the greater topic cannot have a fully aquired understanding of that Adams $20 million?


You live in the Ring of Fire. Earthquakes occur almost daily and they have been doing so all the time you've lived here.

If there's no damage, the earthquakes don't make the news.

You seem to be especially obsessed since the recent earthquake off Japan.

Calm down, or move somewhere safe, like SE Missouri (no, wait)

I thought this post was about an earthquake?

Frank, from Jack's two sentences, the second sentence makes comment on the ethereal qualities of the mass media. Two subjects.

"I thought this post was about an earthquake"?

The Sellwood Bridge has everything to do with earthquakes here, in that it is the last place one would be want to be standing during one.

Jack makes this Blog posting under the assumption there are enough End-of-the-World survivors to read it.


Seems there was a second one same vicinity three hours later.

The niece is graduating from Marshfield on June 11th. Not overly enthusiastic about the event but not exactly the excuse for not attending.

Told the spouse that these events should be for parents and grandparents and that is why they came up with the idea of limited seating in school gyms/auditoriums.

good one Abe

I did LOL


"the last place one would be want to be standing during one."

that's how I would have said it. :)

Why nuclear energy is not an option, and should never have been put in an earthquake zone let alone near DNA:


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