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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know you're hiding something when...

... China urges you to be more transparent.

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One real enemy of transparency: Our short attention spans. It's easier to sling the B.S., knowing by the time the truth is apparent, everyone will be on to the next thing.
For example, when this went down in Japan, many nuclear-industry fans ventured forward to defend how these reactors were doing. People like Jim Karlock got personal with it, taking a comment I had made and breaking it down with my name in bold font numerous times followed by a phrase from the comment. This got under my skin. Perhaps he was counting on me forgetting and moving onto the next debate about the water bureau or whatever. Here's a little bit from his response - without the names in bold font:

"Bill McDonald: There's a reason Chernobyl is still basically an abandoned city. If the same number of people had died there because of coal, at least we could go back.
JK: Pardon me, 400 times as many people die from coal EVERY YEAR as died from Chernobly. And quit comparing a primitive reactors WITHOUT CONTAINMENT to our newer safer designs. It’s a cheap scare tactic."

Well, Mr. Karlock, I guess you have a problem with the government of Japan. They are now using "a cheap scare tactic" to compare their problem to Chernobyl, too.

Do you put your apologies in bold font, or is that just used when you're being obnoxious?

See a therapist Bill.

Like that would help.

Talking back to Karlock is a little like talking back to Prozac.

Bill is correct about something, though. Modern communications, especially the internet, have given us the attention span of a squirrel. Researchers are currently studying and penning books about it.

It opens the door to all sorts of political manipulation and mayhem.

Okay, I'm over it. What set me off was his statement that depleted uranium wasn't radioactive. It sure has been a problem for our troops and the citizens of Iraq, especially in dust form after the shell explodes.
If you thought the Chernobyl pictures were disturbing try some of the pictures of deformed kids in Fallujah.
Oh well. I apologize for letting this get to me. This reactor thing in Japan has put my temper on edge. Remember when all we had to worry about was runaway Toyotas?

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