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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wu's election porn is on taxpayer dime, too

A two-fer Thursday: We get this one to go along with this one.

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I would vote for it but the schools are filthy. No maintenance has been done. They don't keep up what they have. They don't do anything about the graffiti, scrub down the lockers, and parents would volunteer to do this too. I don't trust what they are going to do with the money. I don't think they are capable of sound financial prudence. They never should have got rid of the regular janitors for one. Those guys really cared about the schools and the kids. I think they ask for money, throw it at the situation and then ask for more. So I'm voting no.

Any chance PPS are keeping the schools unkept intentionally to distort the situation - i.e. things are so bad, that we just gotta have this bond money?

Can't change the past, but what about the regular maintenance? Why wasn't it done over the years?

What decisions led to this sorry state?

What assurances are there that the new funding won't be wasted yet again?

That seat has to be ripe for taking. Yet the Rs cannot field one person to beat this moron in what 4 tries now? - Ya gotta love democracy.

Wu is fighting for Medicare? Another great throw-away line - Unless you count the Klingon lobby.

Wu's Doo-doo Is Deep, And Strong.

He will be removed in the Primary, but he has his pension to lean on. Mere pennies of which could pay for his tuition at Clown College.

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