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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whole lotta chancellin' goin' on

The folks who are questioning whether Oregon's university chancellor, George PERnSteiner, should be voting in Eugene, rather than in Portland where he owns a home that he lives in, have gotten a response. It's a letter that the chancellor's private lawyer wrote to the Lane County elections board. In it, the attorney defends the propriety of the chancellor's Eugene voter registration.

Curiously, the lawyer also asks that his letter be kept secret, which seems fairly ridiculous. He's from the same law firm that's apparently making the big bucks in Cylviagate and the Masters of the Universe junket caper -- positively Old Boy Central.

Meanwhile, it appears that on working days when the chancellor lives in his nice southeast Portland home, he bills the state for meals. He collects 13 bucks when he rolls out of bed and opens up a container of yogurt? No wonder tuition's going up. [Hat tip to the troublemakers at UO Matters.]

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Thanks Jack, I think. Every time you link to UO Matters I pull out my tenure contract and check the signatures very, very carefully.

Wondering if he claims these perks with the IRS?

Interesting if he is "living" in Eugene, why his Multnomah County tax bill is mailed to his Portland residence.

Hey, at least he flew coach in September (while collecting up to $52 per day in meal money).

I thought it was the evil corporate CEO's who were robbing us blind?

Have you ever taken a look at the automatic, un-vouchered per diem our legislators get? Or the numerous other untaxed (yes, untaxed) perks like paid mileage - for which they are allowed to double dip from campaign funds as well?

All perfectly legal. They did, after all, write the laws.

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